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Landing page for your fundraise

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Share more than just your pitch deck, your webpage will have everything an investor wants to know at a glance. No more PDFs that won't get the point across.

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You’re in complete control of who sees your landing page. Blacklist domains that can’t access your page, collect the information of the viewer, see where views are coming from or just make the whole page public..

  • Require contact info to view
  • Require password
  • Change URL at any time
  • Multiple trackable URLs (coming soon)
  • Blacklist domains (coming soon)
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Password protect or collect lead info for your website

Built for Founders

Fundraising can be hard and time consuming. We're building the tools to help make your fundraise successful.

No percentage of deals taken, we're only here for the intros

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Here to help startup founders.

So many projects don't get off the ground because they couldn't find the right investors. And too many new investors don't have enough of the right deal flow. We want to solve these issues by changing how fundraising is done, and it starts with you, the startup founder.

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