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Why do we only get to hear about startups that already raised money, but not about those who are working to raise right now?

Why does it seem like the whole VC industry is one sided, where the startup founder has to do all the work to get past the gatekeepers? Even though everyone benefits.

We're building products centered around the founders, because the founders have the ideas and the products that this whole industry is building wealth off of.

photo of a startup team meetingphoto of a pair of engineers working around a computer on their startup

I’ve seen fundraising from both sides: the first time founder with a real business idea that can’t seem to get funded and the investor who invests in their friend of a friends startup and gets burned.

There are many problems that can be solved just by opening up people’s networks in a responsible way. Investors want to invest in good startups and startups need investors, why this connection is such a challenge in today’s environment is easy to understand as the gatekeepers continue to try and control the best deals within their network.

As a startup founder, there’s too many gatekeepers for nearly every type of funding: do you know someone at a VC, can you prove to a bank that you deserve a loan, can you compete at YC, will your local angel group even see your email?Somewhere out there is an investor that aligns with what you’re doing, you just haven’t met yet.

These problems are solvable, we just need enough people to be open enough to connect - enough people to break the status-quo.

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