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Funnel all deals to a custom landing page

For VCs, Angel Investors, Scouts and more.

 Purpose built tools to collect, rate and discover new leads.

screenshot of the Warm Intros software showing the custom landing page and lead form

Manage cold leads.
Discover new ones.

screenshot of the investor being able to browse the startups listed on Warm Intros with filters by Round, amount of capital raising and more

Sort, filter, and save your deals

Organize and sort through round, industry, location and more to find deals. Create and save auto-filters based on those criteria.
a screenshot of the web interface showing how investors can share their investment thesis easily

Custom landing page and lead collection form

Create your profile to let founders see your info (or not). Select the fields you want founders to fill out to start collecting leads.

Tools specifically built for managing investment leads

New Match Alerts

Want to know about new pre-seed deals less than $100k? We’ll automatically email you with matches.
diagram showing how new deals come to investors, get run through their set filters and easily see which deals match the filters

Your Algorithm

Create a scoring algorithm based on your investment thesis so you can easily sort through and decide what leads to focus on.
a conceptual image of the properties an investor can set for their algorithm

Discover New Deals

Browse all public deals on the Warm Intros network, no connection needed. Search and connect.
grid of tiles showing example startups and highlighting the best match by star rating

Why use Warm Intros?

Custom Landing Page

Use your landing page in your profile URL to make sure people know deals you want to see and make sure all your new deals are organized and rated.

Quantify Leads

When you get an email, you don't know if it's worth you time. Send them to your landing page to fill out your form to get a 1-5 star rating (based on your thesis)

Stats & Analytics

Measure your growth: are you getting more views on your page, are they coming from social and is it converting to new leads?


Start collecting and organizing deals today.

$50 / month
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Access to Warm Intros Deals
  • Lead Form
  • Analytics
  • Custom Thesis Algorithm
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